Rebranding for the company
Medcam Assistance from Krakow

We started the comprehensive rebranding project by refreshing the logo and creating its
additional versions for various branches of activity.


Old logotype


Logotype after rebranding

rebranding_logo_agencja brandingowa_helt
kolorystyka-01-rebranding-firmy-agencja brandingowa helt
Teczka-01-rebranding-firmy-agencja brandingowa helt

Illustrations for refreshed identification

To further strengthen the message and emphasize its modern character after rebranding we have made
a number of illustrations for marketing materials.

Plakat-01-1-rebranding-firmy_agencja brandingowa helt
ilustracja-02-1-rebranding-firmy_agencja brandingowa helt
ilustracja-02-1-rebranding-firmy_agencja brandingowa helt
Plakat-0-rebranding-firmy_agencja brandingowa helt
ilustracja-041-rebranding-firmy_agencja brandingowa helt
Plakat-01-1-rebranding-firmy_agencja brandingowa helt
rollup-01-1-rebranding-firmy_agencja brandingowa

Web pages

As part of comprehensive brand rebranding, we have done
also two, modern and fully responsive
websites – for the Polish and Croatian branch of the company.

tworzenie stron www

Gadgets and image-promotional branding

Rebranding also included designing elements
such as marking promotional materials,
or the visual identification of work clothing.

Kubek-03-2-rebranding-firmy_agencja brandingowa helt
Smycz-03-2-rebranding-firmy_agencja brandingowa helt
identyfikacja wizualna_helt_agencja brandingowa
identyfikacja wizualna_helt_agencja brandingowa